Twin Lobe Roots Blower

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    JD vacuum service Twin Lobe Rotary Compressors/Blowers are positive displacement units, whose pumping capacity is determined by size, operating speed, and pressure conditions.

    CAPACITY30 M3/HR TO 10000 M3/HR
    POWER2 HP TO 80 HP
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    JD Vacuum Service offers Twin Lobe Rotary Compressors/Blowers, devices of positive displacement whose volumetric output hinges upon their dimensions, rotational velocity, and prevailing pressure dynamics. These compressors feature dual Twin Lobe rotors aligned on parallel axes, revolving in contrapuntal directions within an enclosure sealed by lateral plates. As these rotors turn, they inhale air on one flank of the enclosure and expel it from the other, surmounting the ambient pressure barriers. The resultant differential pressure thus correlates directly with the impedance of the system linked to it. As archetypical positive-displacement machines, these blowers do not generate pressure intrinsically within the enclosure; rather, the expulsion pressure mirrors the resistance or back pressure of the system it confronts. A duo of precision-engineered, hardened alloy steel timing gears, finely honed, orchestrates the necessary separations between the impellers during their cyclical dance. Consequently, the air dispensed is impeccably OILFREE.

    Features of Twin Lobe Roots Blower

    • 100% oil-free air delivery
    • Factory-engineered, Factory-guaranteed, superior product
    • Alloy steel hardened and ground timing gears, oil splash lubricated
    • Anti-friction bearings
    • Rigid one-piece CI casing & end plates
    • Horizontal &Vertical configurations are available
    • Easy rotor timing setting
    • Air Cooled & Water Cooled design available
    • Dynamically balanced rotor shaft assembly (Grade 6.3 ISO 1940-1986)
    • Large inlet & outlet connections for minimal loss
    • Improved volumetric efficiency and reduced operating temperatures
    • Performance testing as per standard test procedure STP-01 based on BS 1571-2:1975 and ISO 1217:2009
    • All blowers are manufactured on state-of-the-art, imported CNC machines, machined to close tolerances with a high degree of
    • accuracy on profile machining, ensuring high volumetric efficiency
    • All major components are interchangeable.


    JD vacuum service Blowers are available as package units, ready-to-install, or base blower units for replacement.

    1) Bare Blower:

    • Blower
    • Suction & Discharge InterConnection Pipeline/Companion Flanges
    • Blower Pulley
    • First Oil/Grease Fill


    2) Blower With Standard Accessories (Pressure Duty) Including Water Cooled Blowers:

    • Blower
    • Common Moter & Blower Base Frame with Moter Rails
    • Belt Guard /Coupling Guard
    • Suction Air Filter
    • Suction Silencer
    • Pressure Gauge
    • Safety Relief Valve(Spring Loaded type)
    • Pulleys & Vee Belts / Coupling
    • ICP with Companion Flange
    • O&M Manual
    • First Oil/Grease Filled


    3) Additional Accessories (Available As Per Requirements):

    • NRV
    • Discharge Silencer
    • Anti Vibration Pad
    • Electric Motor
    • SS Bellows
    • Acoustic Hood
    • Foundation Bolts


    4) Blower with Standard Accessories (Vacuum Duty):

    • Blower
    • Common Moter, Blower Base Frame with Motor Rails
    • Belt Guard / Coupling Guard
    • Discharge Silencer
    • Vacuum Gauge
    • Vacuum Relief Valve
    • Pulleys & Belts/Coupling
    • ICP with Companion Flange
    • O&M Manual
    • First Oil/Grease Filled


    E) Blower with Standard Accessories(Gas Duty):

    • Blower
    • Common Motor, Blower Base Frame With Motor Rails
    • First Oil/Grease Filled


    Note: Please be advised that the components listed herein are typical but may be customized based on the specific demands of the client’s project and the intended application.

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