Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Max Flow Rate1.8 CFM TO 84 CFM
TypeOil Lubricant Vacuum Pumps
Power0.25 HP TO 5 HP
Model Name/NumberAO 50 TO AO 2000
MaterialCast Iron
Motor Speed2850 RPM TO 960 RPM
Country of OriginMade in India


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Rotary-vane pumps, those ubiquitous mechanisms, are a familiar sight in the realm of vacuum technology. When designed with a two-stage configuration, they can attain pressures significantly lower than 10^-6 bar. Their applications are varied, ranging from providing brake assistance in sizable trucks and diesel-powered vehicles (which lack internal intake vacuum), to powering gyroscopic flight instruments in light aircraft, assisting in refrigerant evacuation during air conditioner installations, and even in the controlled environments of laboratory freeze dryers and physics experiments.

In a rotary-vane pump, the movement of gas and the internal oil is simultaneous, necessitating an external process to disentangle the two. The inlet and outlet chambers serve this function, employing a combination of swirls and Venetian blinds. As the gases travel through these chambers, the oil droplets are separated and fall away. The inlet might be equipped with a Venetian blind cooled by ambient air, considering the pump itself is typically about 40 degrees Kelvin warmer. This cooling mechanism helps to condense any cracked oil and moisture, allowing it to drip back into the inlet.

When rotary-vane pumps are employed in high-vacuum systems, where gas inflow is minimal, contamination becomes a critical concern. This risk of contamination calls for careful consideration in the design and maintenance of these systems to prevent disruption to sensitive equipment and processes. The complex interaction between gases, oils, and cooling elements demands attention to detail and specialized expertise, to ensure the functionality and reliability of these versatile pumps.


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